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John Rubischko
John grew up in Hutchinson, Minnesota; a small town of 15,000 people an hour west of the Twin Cities. He is the youngest of 4 siblings and the youngest of 63 grandchildren on his mother’s side of 17 siblings. John loved to be active as a child and loved playing sports all the way through high school. He lettered in Football, Basketball, and Tennis in High School, while being named Senior Captain in 2 of the sports. John continued his love of sports in college at Saint John’s University in Collegeville, MN; where he played Football under the famous John Gagliardi and was a Senior Captain. He also played Tennis at Saint John’s Freshman and Sophomore year.

Tiffany & John would love to help make affordable housing available to women, single mothers & senior citizens that are in need to have basic stability of a roof over the head, to help them get back on track in life. We would also welcome the opportunity to men or women who are struggling through treatment or recently released from prison and need a compassionate landlord to give them an opportunity while understanding their issues and holding them accountable for their progression and development to future homeownership of their own. We are also interested in properties that might be a good fit for Airbnb properties, however, not a focus right now.

We would love to develop this plan in the markets that we are most familiar with, which includes; Minneapolis/St Paul, Phoenix & San Diego.

John & Tiffany are in the process of writing a book about how people can overcome anything in their life with the proper attitude in ALL situations. Along with proper mentorship/coaching and hanging out with people who genuinely care about their success, combined with the knowledge to create freedom and a life of significance. We hope to have this book completed and going to the publisher before the end of 2020.

John was fortunate enough to travel abroad, living in London, England, and living & working in Singapore. He continued to follow his love of International Management by attending the University of St. Thomas, Masters in International Management, finishing his business courses, and falling short by not completing his 2 foreign language requirements.

John’s love for Real Estate started with his first house, where he worked every night and all weekend long for many months in order to build his personal residence. John worked closely with his Father-In-Law to learn how to GC (General Contract) a house from start to finish, while also doing the physical labor.

John continued this passion to build a large lake home in Wisconsin. This was a very exhaustive process, where John had to drive 2 hours each way twice a week to GC this property. It started off by clearing shrub & trees for the house, lake view, and garage. This large “A” Frame Lakehouse included a walkout basement to the lake, which required a lot of extra detail in the construction process. This lakehouse turned out to be an amazing family retreat for our immediate family and friends, memories that turned out to be well worth the effort.

John has had a vast work experience throughout his career. Starting off in the Truck Leasing Industry, moving onto Food Distribution and then into the Mortgage/Real Estate Industry for 13 years before the crash of 2008. John owned his own mortgage company for 12+ years, while also having his Real Estate License to help all the people he could.

During the first years of John’s Mortgage career, John was able to purchase his own commercial building where he could rent out part of the space and have plenty of room for his other mortgage employees. This was a very unique concept back then, where the office condo created a feeling of being comfortable in a home while you work since that is where we spend the majority of our time.

While John has been a part of over 1,000+ Real Estate closings, he decided to become an Investor for himself vs working with other investors on the mortgage aspect. John purchased 3 houses in a short time period, where he had to do significant remodeling in order to change the value and create appeal for future buyers. John was the GC with all three properties, managing the contractors during the construction process and dealing with the renters.

After the mortgage/real estate industry, John got into Financial Services helping people with their personal and business credit development, along with ensuring people are Financially Literate, including Will/Trust/POA, Credit Monitoring, Identity Theft Protection, Budgeting Tools, Financial LockBox, and more.

John spent 3 years specifically helping local people in Minnesota that were going through foreclosure, helping them navigate the unique laws of Minnesota while ensuring that they had money in their pockets and a game plan to repair their credit while securing a temporary residence they can call home until they are ready to purchase a new home again.
John is also involved with Tiffany in the Real Estate Investor Education endeavor for the last 3 years, where we work hard to work with people of all different varying skills of Real Estate Investing and Financial Knowledge. We work with people to help them understand how Real Estate Investing can create financial freedom in their life and provide residual income and security. We partner with investors all over the nation to ensure we are finding ways to help people any way we can.

We also help show people how they can pay off mortgage and student loan debts in 5-7 years WITHOUT any extra cash flow payments. Helping people understand the difference between amortized debt and simple average daily interest rate products. Showing them how they can use one bank product to help accelerate the reduction of the amortized debt, helping people to become debt-free and live a less stress-filled life.

John & Tiffany are partners in a Nationwide Group called “L.I.F.E”, which means Living Intentional For Entrepreneurs. Where we strive to help people develop the proper skill set, coaching/mentoring, and the ability to become successful as an Entrepreneurs in whatever field they choose. We also offer them excellent opportunities to partner with us on our ventures as well.

John is currently Certified with The John Maxwell Team as a Speaker, Trainer, & Coach. This Internationally recognized certification is based on the world’s foremost Leadership Expert and most sought out speaker, John C. Maxwell. John is active with his public speaking to high school and college kids about the peril of materialism & ethics within the workplace and our daily lives. John is also passionate about his speaking with first-time homebuyers to help them get a game plan and be able to get into homeownership. John also enjoys going into jails & prisons through his church for weekends spent with inmates to help encourage them through this difficult time in their life, by making smarter decisions.

John & Tiffany have 3 children now (21,17,16). We enjoy working out, eating healthy, and staying in shape. We love to travel with his family, especially going on cruises. John loves to mountain bike with his son and enjoying a nice bonfire in his backyard when he can.

And you are determined to make your life be what you want it to be!

Tiffany Walz-Rubischko

Tiffany & John would love to help make affordable housing available to woman, single mothers & senior citizens that are in need to have basic stability of a roof over their head, to help them get back on track in life.
Tiffany was born in San Diego, California; middle of 4 siblings. Tiffany was very active in sports in High School, playing Basketball, track & volleyball. Tiffany continued her passion for athletics when she went to USC (University of Southern California) and was an important part of the USC Track Team for 4 years. Tiffany majored with a Double Major; BA in International Relations & BA in Political Science, with a Minor in Spanish, all while maintaining a 3.7 GPA.

Tiffany started out her career as an HR Assistant for a local software developer.  Soon after she advanced her career as an HR Manager for a large International Law Firm.  She continued her successful career accomplishments here until her move to Minnesota to marry her husband.  

Once in Minnesota, she worked for a medium-sized CPA firm as an HR Manager, where she loved working closely with the local management, staff, and customers.  Tiffany was recruited to a large International company, Smarte Carte, here in Minnesota to serve as an HR Director to help lead and manage their International staff locations and corporate employees.  She enjoyed a very prosperous and exciting career at Smarte Carte for over 15 years.   Recently expanding her experiences, she joined a large Multinational Food Manufacturer as Director of Human Resources International Supply Chain.  Here Tiffany is engaging with all levels of employees and is responsible for multiple locations HR responsibilities, which includes frequent traveling.  

In 2017 Tiffany was looking to expand her knowledge within the Real Estate area, where she studied and successfully obtained her Real Estate Sales Person License in the State of Minnesota.  Tiffany is loving her ability to use her past work experience and this new Real Estate knowledge to help others maneuver the Real Estate market.  This passion for Tiffany expanded into Real Estate Investor Education, where she teams with her husband to help others become successful Entrepreneurs in Real Estate Investing &/or whatever passion that person is feeling.  Here Tiffany helps people learn techniques to acquire properties without their own credit & cash, using knowledge and relationships to partner into successful real estate ventures.  This teaching people how to become debt-free in their personal life so they live a less stressed life full of opportunity.  

In 2018 Tiffany created two of her own companies; Trojan Enterprises Inc (A “C” Corporation) & Mojo Solutions LLC.  Trojan is primarily used as her main company for Coaching, Mentoring, and Marketing her businesses.  Mojo Solutions LLC is an entity in which she holds her one rental property located in Phoenix, AZ that she purchased in 2018 and is currently doing a long term rental with it.  Tiffany explored the use of this new property to use it as an Airbnb use, but decided through her Real Estate experience and knowledge, that this was not the ideal use for this property.  

Tiffany also enjoys partnering with her husband to help people increase their personal credit scores and enhance their business credit profiles, so they can create opportunities in their own life.  This Financial Education includes helping people have basic securities in place that so many people don’t have today, including Will/Trust/POA, Credit Monitoring, Identity Theft Protection & more.

Recommended Book List

These books have had a profound effect on my career.

  • Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
  • Red Hot Cold Calling Selling - Paul Goldner
  • Psychology of Selling - Brian Tracy
  • Bluefishing - Steve Sims
  • How to Win Friends & Influence People - Dale Carnagie
  • COMING SOON - Life Without Bars - John Rubischko